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How to capture zero-party data with holiday promotions

A nuanced dynamic not understood by everyone is that there is a reciprocal relationship between promotions and identity. Promotions incentivize and accelerate consumer interactions to increase the amount of data captured, including purchase, behavioral and preference data that can be combined to identify brand connection and emotional needs. And once that identity data is collected, it can be used to develop even more engaging and relevant promotions that deliver stronger business results. And t

Advertisers: Get More Bang for Your Buck During the Big Game

I didn’t have big plans for the game this year, so I decided to replace the beer in one hand (and the chicken wing in the other) with a pen and some paper. The work we do at Merkle Promotion & Loyalty Solutions creates digital experiences that delight people and motivate them to directly engage in a brand moment. And speaking of brand moments, the big game was rife with them!

My coworkers and I are always thinking about innovative promotional strategies, so I decided to enlist their help. To ca

5 Digital Activations to Drive Holiday E-Commerce

Consumer shopping behavior has changed, and the holidays will look different this year. Since in-store shopping has declined, brands are looking for ways to drive their e-commerce business and move the needle before the end of the year. However, the online space has become cluttered and confusing.

Stand out by running chance-to-win promotions that are designed to motivate specific behavior and develop emotional connections with consumers. You'll be able to drive more consideration for your bran